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1. What will an organizational expert do for YOU?
     • Help you get started!
     • Encourage you to make hard decisions!
     • Provide “muscle” when necessary!
     • Give you new solutions to problems!
     • Relieve anxiety from projects that overwhelm!
     • Create new, more organized habits!
     • Give you a better space and the peace of mind you crave!

2. Who does the work?
There are two ways to solve your organizing issues. Hilton Head Organizers may work with the client and provide hands-on support. The client makes organizing decisions with support from the organizer. If the situation requires, Josie will work alone and communicate with off-site homeowners to facilitate agreed-upon changes.

3. Does this mean I have to throw everything away?
No. While every circumstance is unique, and purging is generally part of the process, we look for creative solutions to remove the excess.

4. How long will this take?
That depends. Many factors will determine the length of a project. We will consider your readiness for change, your speed in making decisions, the size and complexity of the project, and the changes needed for your environment.

5. Is my work with you private?
Absolutely. We recognize that our work with you is very personal. As a member of National Association of Professional Organizers and Faithful Organizers, we adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics to ensure all work is confidential.

6. How do you collect your fees?
Fees are collected via check or cash after each hands-on session. When operating on a project basis, fees are collected at agreed upon intervals via check or cash.

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