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How It Works

Hilton Head Organizers has two ways to work with clients:

  1. Hands-on Support: When working with downsizing, moving or organizing cluttered interior spaces issues, Hilton Head Organizers will work directly with clients. We provide hands-on help and organizing advice.
  2. Project Organizing: When working with out-of-town homeowners to resolve estate concerns or when preparing a home for sale we will manage the project from beginning to conclusion. We will collaborate with other professionals, as appropriate. If desired, Hilton Head Organizers will work with family members to complete a project.

Our process:

  1. Phone Consultation: We explore your struggles and learn about your goals for the space.
  2. In Home Needs Assessment: This is a FREE one hour consultation where we tour your space to learn more about your space issues and hear your concerns.
  3. Individual Organization Plan: We outline a plan for your space and suggest the best method for solving any issues presented.
  4. Organizing:
    a. Hilton Head Organizers conducts hands-on organizing support in three-hour sessions. Specific daily goals are established for each session. Fees for organizing services are billed on a per-hour basis.
    b. Hilton Head Organizers works independently for out-of-town clients. All involved with a project first agree on goals, and we take steps to meet them. This may include input from attorneys, real estate professionals or repair specialists. Hilton Head Organizers will communicate regularly with the client via email, photographs and telephone. Fees are project based and payable at regular intervals during the process.

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